Tea at Hilltop

Picking and weighing cherries on the farm

About Us

Demobbed at the end of World War Two, my dad Ray Mitchell, like many others, found himself in need of work. Wanting to farm but with no land, he began to buy fruit at auction. This entailed bidding for the fruit on the tree before harvest. A bidder needed some skill as a wrong estimation of the crop could lead to financial ruin! It was always a nervous time from auction to harvest especially for his wife, Eva! In the early sixties, Ray was able to purchase Hilltop which was a typical post war smallholding and one of several in this area at the time.

Many people found a welcome at Hilltop, missionaries, students, foreign visitors, friends, friends of friends and total strangers. Everyone seemed to turn up at Hilltop and my parents always served tea at 10am and 3pm.

Today we like to keep it simple... .... you won’t find extravagant descriptions, or overblown statements but we do make most things ourselves, produce as much as we can, and offer you a warm welcome!